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Jesus’ hidden years…and


by Alicia Britt Chole |

A Book in Review

Why review this book?

Why Give Away 2 copiesfor FREE – no strings attached?

Because, we have all experienced times in our life when we have felt hidden or anonymous – knowing we have gifts and talents, but feeling they are not being recognized or used to their fullest potential.


No book has more accurately captured my spirit

or spoken words hidden in my heart.

I am confident you will find yourself

in the pages of this book as well.


My journey through this book has only just begun. I am certain this first reading will not be my last. With every paragraph, and nearly every single sentence, I found myself nodding my head in agreement, putting the book down to let the words sink in, and letting my mind, heart, and spirit marinate in the profound wisdom presented by Ms. Chole.

The pages of my copy contain highlighted sentences paragraphs, underlined words, and notes in the margins.

{My favorite way to read a book is with pencil in hand, armed for the ready for when that “ah-ha!” moment jumps off the page. Pencil on clean, unmarked text…bliss. Yes, I am a bit weird.}


The following is an excerpt taken from Part One: hidden treasure, pages 5-7.

 “Have you ever felt hidden? Have you ever moved to a new place or entered a new environment where no one knew who you were, what you could do, or what dreams ignited your soul?”


To continue reading please follow this link to, Finding Purpose in the Pain, where I am a contributing writer.

newly purposed,



Congratulations to S. Price and Kim Johnston!! You are the winners of the 2 copies of “anonymous: Jesus’ hidden years…and yours”. Thank you to all those who entered and left comments. May you have a blessed Christmas and New Year. ~ jana

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