a heavy heart

My heart is heavy this evening as I listen to the reports coming out of Aurora, Colorado.

Why did this happen?

What led this young-man to this make these choices?

Why was he able to purchase four weapons in the same state in the last few months?

Why didn’t anyone stop him when he walked into the theater dressed in black head-to-toe with a gas mask on his head?

How is his family handling this news?

Why was there a 3-month-old and a six-year-old at the theater at midnight?

How are the other victims doing?  Will they ever be able to enter a movie theater without fear again?

None of this makes sense.

Father God,

I lift up to you all of the victims of the shooting in Aurora, CO. I lift up their family and friends. May you offer them comfort and peace during this confusing time. May you surround them with people who will love them and bring them comfort. May those who are wounded be healed. Please be with the Doctors and Nurses who are dedicating their time and energy to making them well. May you protect the mental health of those who have been touched by this tragedy. 

Please be with the young man who committed this heinous crime. Provide comfort for his family and friends. You, Holy Spirit, know what to pray..I am at a loss for words.

Father, raising my children is sometimes scary. It is at times like this when I wonder if I am doing enough to protect them from the darkness of this world. I pray that you will give me and their father wisdom as we make proper choices for them. Show us how to teach our boys how to live in this world, yet not be of it. Please protect them, guarding their hearts and their minds. Give us discernment in situations where they could be in harm’s way.

I thank you, Father, for your promise of eternal life where there will be no more tears and no more suffering.

Please be with those who are suffering today as only you can. Amen.

newly purposed,






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