Ancora 2013: Beyond Comprehension

Ancora 2013 was a complete success. {Read my previous post to know what Ancora is all about.}

My mind is racing with renewed passion and purpose. My writing voice is coming back quickly now that I have space for it again.

I was burdened and weary in the weeks leading up to the event. I kept wondering how I had even gotten myself committed to leading Ancora, and why and the world we were doing this.

Sometimes our team felt like we were pulling our chapel community along to make Ancora happen. We struggled to know who was in charge and taking the lead. There was miscommunication, confusion, and unexpected road blocks. It was difficult to communicate the vision and mission of Ancora. It was difficult to know who to invite and how to market it. At times, it all just seemed a jumbled mess – like a beautiful necklace knotted beyond recognition.

Our registration numbers were extremely low, to the point that we had to cancel a few of the speakers. We had no idea how many or who exactly would show up on Saturday. We arrived Friday evening to set up, only to be told by the staff and security guard that they were not expecting us until the am, and no we could not enter as they were closing for the evening. {Fortunately, we got all of that worked out. Unfortunately, I allowed my stress to ruffle me for a moment.}

But…God knew all of this was going to happen. He knew. He was the one leading, the one commanding, the one ultimately in control.

I ponder this truth and breath deeply.

There are many moments from Ancora that are important to share. I have many words and thoughts to write down. I struggle to know where to begin.

But, I do want to share one thing.


When I came home that evening, both exhausted and energized {how is that even possible?}, my husband asked me one question:

“Do you feel relief now that Ancora is finished?”

In the weeks before, when I was stressed, busy, jotting down to-do list after to-do list, I had said to my husband, if we can just get through May 4th, all will be well. Life will settle back down again.

I kept seeing that day – May 4th – as something at which to arrive. I believed that once I got through it I could move on to other things, things that I had put on the back burner – like writing, reading a stack of new books, preparing for our move this summer.

Yet, as much as I wanted to tell him, “Yes, I am relieved. Let’s move onto other things and put Ancora behind us”, I couldn’t. In my heart, that would have been a dishonest answer. 

Ancora isn’t over. The ministry of Ancora is only beginning. God showed up on Saturday to tell me, “Jana, you are not done. There is more work ahead.” Instead of relief, he filled me with renewed passion, commitment, ideas, and burning love for Him and His hurting people.

It isn’t over. My work with Ancora has only just begun.


Once again, I find myself at a place where I have no idea what is coming next. But bring it on, because I am so excited to continue this amazing journey of service to the one who heals, Jehovah Rapha. Thank you for your prayers and words of support.

newly purposed,


****As soon as it is available, I will be posting the link to the Youtube videos of the sessions for Ancora 2013. You will not want to miss these amazing speakers: Dave and Brenda Roever ( , Richelle Hecker (US Army Iraq War Widow, mother of four children), and Chaplain Timothy Mallard, Lt Col, US Army – Army War College Deputy Chaplain and Protestant Pastor.

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2 thoughts on “Ancora 2013: Beyond Comprehension

  1. Jana,
    I love this! What a beginning! The amazing thing is that truly The work is already finished in Christ but for you it is just beginning. That is the only way to have the confidence to keep moving knowing that The Lord has completed the work that gives the anchor of hope that you are offering. I am beyond amazed and giving thanks today for all you are doing and what is being done in through you. Love you!

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