Reflecting on this word today, and here is what I found.

Bare and Broken. A living sacrifice. Broken for you.

Jesus came to be broken. To be laid open, bare, a sacrifice for our sins.

He calls us, the same way – bare and broken, a living sacrifice. We are given a new life in Christ. Our sinful nature must be broken, laid out before Him, sacrificed.

He calls us to that place where we are bare and broken before Him. It is life’s circumstances that lead us to a raw, vulnerable place. He calls us.

Do not be ashamed. Life will leave you bare and broken.

We need not be ashamed because being bare gives Christ opportunity to make us new. To clothe us in His righteousness. To fill us with Living Water. To renew our minds, our hearts, and our souls for His purposes.

Have a blessed weekend, dear friends.


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