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Last night, we played BUNCO. A large group of us. Wives and husbands. We sat around tables throwing three little dice. I watched these big burly hands that are more accustomed to flying helicopters and planes, to lifting rifles and ammunition, to commanding troops and giving orders, whirl three little dice in the center of the table.

Laughter, applause, cheers filled the room. At least 40 of us gathered to celebrate our beloveds. We shared food, good jokes, drinks, and enjoyed letting our hair down.

I was taken by the image of the burly, chapped hands of the men who love their wives – and go off to war; who love their children – and miss their birthdays; who love their country – and are willing to give their lives. These burly hands played, and enjoyed a “silly” game of BUNCO.

A tradition in the circles of wives. From base to base I go, and always, BUNCO is played. It may seem “silly” to some, but these men, had fun with their wives playing a game that stays constant while we move from place to place.

I guess that is what a beloved does for the other. We play the “silly” games joyfully and in fullness letting go of the dice with enthusiasm.



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12 thoughts on “BELOVED: Five Minute Friday

  1. Howdy, Jana! Tribewriter and FMF friend, Shannon, here. Tried to link up with you and the gals today to no avail. Received repeat syntax errors. Oh well.

    Wanted to encourage you–touching burly hand and bunco story! I so enjoy reading your posts in my Inbox–even when you feel like your writing has been (per your previous post)”Quiet.” Keep writing as God permits, Jana. God’s words through you are inspiring! :)

  2. I love this highlight of simple pleasures in a constantly changing world. We all need to be reminded to live and love the small things; the seemingly inconsequential things that really do make all the difference in the quality of our lives. Thank you for your words.

  3. This brings back so many memories, Jana. I still play Bunco, but the best ones were the ones that the husbands attended. What a cool perspective of those strong hands on the “silly” dice. Love this, military friend! :)

  4. This is such a sweet post! I love the imagery of the big tough guys sitting around enjoying a game with their wives. So precious to all be together! Please extend heartfelt thanks to all (wives and families) for their service to our country. Ever grateful!

    • Hi Vicki, Thank you for the visit to jana’s three dresses and your encouraging words. It truly was an amazing moment to watch these tough guys laugh and enjoy a game that is so much of their wive’s military tradition. Beautiful. Thank you for your support. Blessings, jana

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