change is always good

Hi there,

I have been having fun on my blog tonight – tweaking it, moving things around. I even figured out how to post my photo and link it to my meet jana page. I am so proud of myself {computers and I have had a strained relationship to say the least}.

I wanted to ask you reader, “What do you think of the changes?”

I changed the color of the text so that you can read it better {I hope}.  

I tried to put items in places that are convenient for you to find.

I limited the number of tags in my tag cloud to 6 so that they are not so jumbled.

I am looking for some feedback. What do think?



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7 thoughts on “change is always good

  1. Jana,
    Nice work. The changes to the formating make it easier to read.

    Your blogs are so thought provoking. Almost like a Wake-Up call from God.
    “Live Each Day, with love, kindness, and prayer.
    Thanks you

  2. Jana, I think it looks great and I’ve enjoyed reading it. You are inspiring and I have to say I’m very proud of you!!!!! You are awesome and I can’t wait to read more:)

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