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She Shares Ministries, co-founded by Sarah Harmony-Powell and Rebecca Barth, began with a friendship and a little gossip.

I reviewed their book, It’s Just a Little Gossip…Letters of a Broken Friendship last summer. {link here}

Sarah and Rebecca share their true story of a broken friendship that resulted from gossip overheard through a baby monitor – all mothers’ worst fear! In their book, they share how they were able to forgive one another and recover from the heartache. Since then, they have built a successful women’s ministry. Now they speak at women’s conferences, have their own radio program, write articles for their own blog and others, and have built an online community committed to choosing peace over pride and grace over gossip.

I am excited to feature She Shares Ministries here today. I have continued to keep tabs on these two beautiful women and have enjoyed cheering them on as they work tirelessly to be obedient to God’s calling in their lives.

Please consider supporting them by subscribing to their blog here, liking them on Facebook, or following them on twitter. Totally worth it! Rebecca will keep you laughing and Sarah will bring you gentle reminders of hope and encouragement.

Tomorrow, I will guest post at their blog. I have written a true account of misjudging someone based on my first impression. I might have missed a unique opportunity had I let my pride get in the way. I hope you will join me tomorrow and take time to become familiar with She Share Ministries.

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