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I have been sitting on an extra copy of Rebekah Lyons’ new book “Freefall to Fly” since last weekend when I participated in IF:Gathering and IF:Local {check it out here}.

I am so excited to announce that I have a FREE COPY for one of you lucky readers!

But, first, let me tell you why I am so excited.

The IF:Gathering met in Austin, TX while the webcast was streamed LIVE throughout the US to IF:Local locations where thousands of people gathered to hear from Jennie Allen, Sarah Bessy, Rebekah Lyons, Jenn Hatmaker, Ann Voskamp and many more.

I was so excited to participate with ladies from my local community.

Mostly, I was thrilled to meet some other like-minded women pursuing similar goals and dreams as mine. We all gathered eager to hear from other women whom have struggled to find their purpose and answer their calling, while also juggling the role of mother, wife, friend, and coworker.

However, I couldn’t help but be equally as excited to hear from women whom I have been following for some time.

I recently purchased Jennie Allen’s book, Restless , and Sarah Bessy’s book, Jesus Feminist {yes, that is the title of the book}. Aren’t you just a wee bit curious about what she has to say? I never imagined I would see those two words in the same phrase, let alone have them be the title of a book!

As you have likely figured out by now, I love books.

I love to read them.

I love to collect them.

I love to study how authors write them.

I aspire to write one of my own.

My love for books overflows to those around me. No sooner do I read a book, then I am prayerfully considering to whom to pass along a copy.

Books are for sharing!

So, when I read the title of Rebekah Lyons’ newest book, and heard her speak at IF:Gathering, I knew, even before I had read the book myself, that I wanted to give away a free copy to one of my readers.

Listen to some of what Rebekah had to say last weekend.

The scales began to fall from my eyes. I began to see women all around just like me, gripped in fear, crippled.  1 in 4 women are on anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications. We know we were made for more and we were not doing it. We fade when we don’t know who we are. Women go to college with vision, and then fade. When He knit you, He gave you distinct gifts because He is that creative! We have birthright gifts from HIM! (As a child) What did you do so much that annoyed your parents to death? A calling is when your talents and your burdens collide. A lot of us know our gifts. It is not just about knowing your gifts it is about using your gifts. Burden is informed by the life you lived; the family you were born into; the story you hold. It is born by what broke our heart! Stop copying and comparing (yourself to others). If you do what you do for an audience of One you know that you count. Do not keep score.

Can I hear an, AMEN!

I began reading “Freefall to Fly” (isn’t that a great title?)  just a couple of days ago.

Rebekah has captured me with her words, her raw authenticity, and her ability to capture in print what has been hiding inside of me for so long.

But in addition to that, what is astounding to me is how similar she and I are.

We are the same age. She was raised in St Petersburg, Florida {I was born there and grew up an hour and a half away}. She has watched her father go from a strong, capable, successful man to one who is now confined to a bed in an Assisted Living Facility {that is a post I will write another day}.

She was born in Lawton, OK, just 45 min from where I am now. In fact here I sit in Lawton, OK at the local Starbucks composing this post right now.

She loves crepes with Nutella, a treat I make for my boys regularly. She likes yoga.

Beyond those fun little serendipities, are the more profound similarities.

She has struggled with the same questions I have.

Days full of light and despair. How do both emotions coexist?   And   Would I end up in the same bed {as my father}, my mind unable to sustain my body? I worried that his present might be my future.

She has felt the depth of pain, and struggled with who she is in Christ just I have.

To stay in the free fall meant to stop running. To stop avoiding the pain. To embrace the struggle. To settle in with the lament. To get cozy with the nemesis. Because it was working something out in me that was buried deep. Locked down for a number of years. Wounds that had been planted long ago were starting to show their ugly heads. I was scared. But I needed to give them root to surface. To let them out.

She has lost herself in mom-dom and wife-dom as I have, forgetting what her first passions and callings were.

The demands of life are piled on us from every direction – from ambitious husbands with amped-up libidos to screaming kids wanting the crusts cut off their PB and J sandwiches to in-laws demanding their fair share of holiday celebrations. Each of these things in isolation, no big deal. All combined, the weight is too much to bear.

She has heard God whisper to her in ways that He has to me.

Rest there. 


Stay in the free fall.

God is moving mightily in and among women in their 30’s and 40’s.

Can you feel Him moving you? Are you restless to find your purpose? To rediscover who you once were?

We are being called to a greater purpose. To more.

I have been sensing Him calling me to MORE for almost a year now.

I have been so frustrated because I couldn’t figure it out.

But, then I found Jennie Allen, Sarah Bessey and Rebekah Lyons. They are saying out loud and in print all of the questions and frustrations that have been circling in my own mind.

They, just like me, are searching for God in unusual places; Seeing His face among the rubble of our American lives.

I know we are not alone in our quest.

That is why, if I could, I would give each and every one of you a copy of this book.

You will join Rebekah in her journey as she discovers that God was with her all of the time.

Freefall to Fly - Rebekah Lyons

She moved from comfortable, suburbia-life in Atlanta to New York City, ready to embrace the city boldly and with confidence.

But, then her world came crashing down around her. Panic attacks plagued her, her confidence shriveled to nothing, and life as she knew it was forever altered.

But, on a cold, winter morning in New York City’s Central Park, she sees God brightly and clearly.

The little Florida girl falls in love with the bleak, stark cold of winter. That is no small feet, trust me!

If you would like your own copy, don’t delay. The drawing is scheduled for Friday, 21 February.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

I look forward to announcing the winner.



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