I. Am. A. Writer.

I am in awe at the way we {bloggers} could potentially change the world through our writing.

We write about our Struggles and Temptations, Joys and Concerns, Pain and Loss, Victories and Accomplishments.

We write about our passions for

Peace and Justice,

Light and Grace,

Forgiveness and Redemption,

Children and Marriage,

Healing and Courage.

This blogging thing is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are called to obey that Voice that beckons us to write; It cannot be tamed until the words begin to appear on the page. This lure is impossible to explain to anyone else who calls themselves by any other name but writer.

There are all these bigger bloggers out there who are impacting the world in a very large and tangible way,  a holy experience, deeper story, nesting place .

My temptation is to think my words are not of value because they do not go out to the masses.

Yet, there is this take-away for me from Allume  {my words do matter}. My call to write in this public forum is shared by a multitude of women who have heard the still small voice beckoning them here.

I do have a voice, and it matters because I am obeying the One who has called me to this space.

My writing is a spiritual discipline that draws me closer to my Creator. He beckons me in the stillness of my soul, and as I write the words, put them on paper, I feel an intimacy with Him that is not replicated through any other form of worship. My Spirit is communing with His Spirit as the words appear on the page.

I don’t often end up where I started – I mean, my journey through writing takes me to places in my soul I never realized were there. And, that is what I am learning here at Allume.

Writing is an art, writing is a creative outlet, but writing is also a spiritual disciplinea holy communion with my Savior who loves me, all of me.

My family of artists – painters, dancers, musicians, vocalists, healers – now have a new artist to add to their list

A Writer.

That is what I was created to be.

I. Am. A. Writer.

newly purposed,



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8 thoughts on “I. Am. A. Writer.

  1. I love this: “I do have a voice, and it matters because I am obeying the One who has called me to this space.” This is what it’s all about – whether it’s the writing or the getting to know the neighbor or the laundry. I want to be faithful to the things I’ve been called to. this is beautiful, Jana.

  2. What a sweet surprise to land behind you in the Allume link-up! It was such a blessing to come across a woman at Allume who reminded me of a special friend. I look forward to getting to know you in the place and learning more about who *you* are! Your story is touching and I know that you will bless others through the pain.

    • Hi Sarah, Thank you for visiting jana’s three dresses, and for your sweet comments. Again, I just want to say how much I appreciated meeting you and having time to speak with you. What a gift you have. Thank you for sharing it. Blessings, jana

    • Hi Robin!! Thank you for the visit at jana’s three dresses. It was such a pleasure to meet you, too. I was hoping to see you today. Maybe tomorrow at breakfast. It will be hard to say goodbye to so many amazing people. Here’s to Allume and new beginnings. jana

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