Monday Invitations |Why we MUST pray for our children.

Sit upon the throne of their heartsI have been neglectful in my prayer life, specifically when it comes to my boys. I am ashamed to say that I have not been tapping into the power of prayer. I have felt convicted for some time about this and am committing to regular prayer for my boys.

I want to be intentional in prayer for them. I want more than the quick “good-night” prayer, where under my breath, I am really just asking God to make them fall off to sleep quickly! I want to pray for their hearts, souls and minds. I want to pray protection over them as I see the influence of this world having greater and greater weight on them. I want to invite God into their lives to mold them and shape them into men of God.

I have selected morning time after I get back from the school drop-off. I am praying from Stormie Omartian’s book, The Power of a Praying Parent. I enter their rooms, sit on their beds, place my hand on their pillows, and read a prayer from Stormie’s book. I then say a prayer of my own and remain in silence for a moment imagining them at school with their friends and teachers. I imagine the Spirit of God filling their heart, mind and souls.

I am confident that I play an important role as I stand in the gap for my children and invite God to come into their lives.

Let the little children come to me, he says. Jesus invites them. Matthew 19:14

 My boys have each invited Jesus into their hearts. They believe earnestly and passionately. And, for that I am eternally grateful. But, I am aware that there is something more that I can do on their behalf as their mother by praying for them – in their room, in their space, meditating on their day. I believe there is power beyond what I can possibly comprehend in this daily habit. I am confident that I am doing God’s work and potentially changing the course of their eternal history by inviting God to reside in their rooms, in their lives, and fill them anew every day.

Come, my Light, and illumine their darkness. Come, my Life, and revive them from death. Come, my Physician, and heal their wounds. Come, Flame of Divine Love, and burn up the thorns of their sins, kindling their hearts with the flame of thy love. Come, my King, sit upon the throne of their hearts and reign there. For thou alone art their King and their Lord. Amen – St. Dimitrii of Rostov

I invite you today to re-consider the power you hold – the power given to us by our heavenly Father to pray over our children. To stand in the gap for them. We must take our role seriously. We must take time to diligently and earnestly pray for their hearts, minds and souls.

With Love,


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