my thoughts on possessions: Chapter 3 of “7”

Oh my, there is so much I want to discuss with you regarding Jen Hatmaker’s 3rd month on Possessions. I wish we could meet up for a cup of coffee and share our favorite parts.

What jumped out at you?

What did you underline?

What rocked your world?

What caused you to put the book down and reflect on your own life?

There were so many parts that I stopped and underlined. I wish we could compare notes.

How did you react upon reading this statement on page 94 of “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess”?

A child says “me”. An adult says “us”. Maturity deciphers need from want, wisdom from foolishness. Growing up means curbing appetites, shifting from “me” to “we”, understanding private choices have social consequences and public outcomes. Let’s be consumers who silence the screaming voice that yells, “I WANT!” and instead listens to the quiet “we need”, the marginalized voice of the worldwide community we belong to.

I noticed how as the chapter went along, Jen Hatmker’s writing became more and more convicting. As if she were standing on the street corner proclaiming her message to us, to me!

I want to stop here in the reading of this book, and purge my home. I am feeling burdened by my stuff, our stuff.

Jen says on page 86, “God? Connect us with people who need our stuff”. I will be echoing her prayer as I pull stuff out of our closets, the basement, drawers and cabinets.

The lenses through which I see my world are changing. I am seeing my selfishness, my childishness, my hoarding and storing up of treasures here on earth.

Christ, forgive me, please. Give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a mind to choose to follow your example. As I get rid of my earthly stuff, may I “create space for God’s kingdom to break through” (pp. 4). Amen.

Finally, there is a children’s book I would like to recommend to you all. My mother gave it to my boys and it is so perfect for teaching this very life lesson to our children. Here is the link, A Quiltmaker’s Gift, but I will also include it in the margin of my blog. A magical story with inspiring illustrations.

newly purposed, 


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2 thoughts on “my thoughts on possessions: Chapter 3 of “7”

  1. I have so many tabbed and underlined sections in this book! Oh my goodness. The story of the “barefoot” church had me in tears. God is using this book in a lot of ways in my life. I just blogged about how it is bringing changes within our family. (all good!) This has been on my heart for so long and now I can see the how to my hearts questions of “Where do I start?” and “Is this really possible for the American church to wake up?” I have hope and fuel for the fire. And yes we have begun the donating and giving with my whole family being involved. I am especially excited for the Lord’s guidance on how to have my children join in with me. :)

    • Heather, I love, love, love your enthusiasm. I need to take a moment to catch up on your posts. It is so encouraging to have you along for the ride on this with me. We are going against the “American” grain, and it would be so easy to get sucked back in again! Simplify, simplify, simplify – my new (again) buzz word. Something I learned before but need to remember again. Hope you have a great week. Have fun sorting and blessing! jana

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