newly purposed

My favorite type of furniture, is re-purposed {newly purposed} furniture.  I dream of one day owning a repurposed barn door dining room table.  I love the imperfections of the piece.  I love the story it tells. I love that I can really use it and not worry about scratching it or the kids messing it up.  It is beautiful just the way it is, scratches and all.

That is Us. Me. You.

When we die to ourselves and become a new life in Christ, we are {newly purposed} not by our own doing but by Christ himself. For me, I can honestly say he gave me Life after Death. He brought me from the pit of darkness to light.

I sign off each of my posts {newly purposed, jana} because I find such peace, joy, and utter amazement in that personal statement of faith.  I still have the nicks, scratches, dents, and uneven legs of my past, but I have been given unending TLC by the re-Creator Himself.  He has {newly purposed} me for His Glory, not my own.

We are moving in less than two weeks. All of our furniture and household items will be loaded into a truck and arrive at our new location just 24 hours later. I enjoy placing furniture in a new space, rearranging artwork, or trying a new pairing of colors or furniture pieces. It gives me a chance to personalize our house making it our home. In a way, all of our household furnishings and decor will be {newly purposed}.

Our lives are kind of like that.

Something happens, good {birth, new job, marriage} or bad {death, divorce, financial loss}, and we have to make a change. Our lives now need to work around that “thing” – adapting, adjusting, learning new habits or changing old ones.

Christ is the ultimate interior decorator. He is able to use that event or in some cases series of events, whether good or bad, and re-purpose them for His glory. He changes our souls, minds and hearts, if we let him, newly purposing us for this life.

One of the missions of jana’s three dresses is to help other women change the filter through which they perceive their world.  To see road-blocks and inconveniences as opportunities for personal growth and spiritual renewal.

When you look around your home and see the {newly purposed} furniture, let it be a reminder to you that you are beautiful just the way you are. Embrace your nicks, scratches, dents and wobbly legs. Believe that Christ will newly purpose you, if you allow him, for His glory.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

newly purposed,


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6 thoughts on “newly purposed

  1. Love,love,love this paradigm and perspective. You are radiant with purpose,being willing to be on the potter’s wheel again and again is true submission to the master’s skillful hands. I love seeing this new vessel taking shape. Love you

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