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Be Loved

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I am reading in Psalm 106 today, and I pause at this One Word: Nevertheless.

My heart leaps with excitement, with hope, with encouragement. I want to share. I have to share. We all need this hope, this promise, this truth.

We need this to truth to penetrate us to our deepest parts. The parts of us that deny ourselves forgiveness, love and acceptance. The parts of us that we believe are too ugly, too broken, too used up to be loved. The parts of us that we are too embarrassed to admit to ourselves, let alone admit to our loving Creator. {He knows them anyway.}

Nevertheless. It changes everything!

Read, see what Psalm 106 says:

Both we and our fathers have sinned; {we} did not consider your wondrous works; they did not remember the abundance of your steadfast love, but rebelled by the Sea, at the Red Sea. Yet he saved them for his name’s sake, that he might make known his mighty power. (vs. 6-8)

And then…

But they soon forgot his works; they did not wait for his counsel. But they had a wanton craving in the wilderness, and put God to the test in the desert…{they} worshiped a metal image. They exchanged the glory of God for the image of an ox that eats grass. They forgot God, their Savior, who had done great things in Egypt, wondrous works in the land of Ham, and awesome deeds by the Red Sea. Therefore he said he would destroy them – had not Moses….stood in the breach. They despised…they murmured…and did not obey the voice of the LORD. (vs. 13-25)

How convicting these words are to me! Oh, how I have put God to the test, forgotten his works, did not wait for his counsel, and murmured against him in disobedience.

It gets worse…

Then they yoked themselves to the Baal of Peor, and ate sacrifices offered to the dead; they provoked the LORD to anger with their deeds…they angered him…they served their idols, which became a snare to them. They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons… (vs. 28-37)

This is a Psalm of David recounting the days of his forefathers –  the Israelites! The chosen people of God!

They turned away from God. Rebelled against Him. Chose their own paths, their own desires, their own gods over Him.

We do this to Him,too! I am not innocent. You are not innocent. Again and again, we rebel and take our lives into our own hands, somehow believing that we know better than the God who created the heavens and the earth. We say “No” to Him. We turn our backs on Him. We put our hands up to Him and push Him away. Again and again. We make a mess of our lives, then expect Him to fix it.

And, you know what? He does…He turns to us and comes to us when we cry out to Him. He loves us that much!

Towards the end of Psalm 106, this is what we read:

Many times he delivered them, but they were rebellious in their purpose and were brought low through their iniquity. (vs. 43)

And here it is….that one word that makes all the difference


Nevertheless, he looked upon their distress, when he heard their cry. For their sake he remembered his covenant, and relented according to the abundance of his steadfast love. He caused them to be pitied by all those who held them captive. (vs. 44-46)

He heard their cry and looked upon them. He remembered his covenant, for their sake. He relented because of his Abundant and Steadfast love for them. He caused others to feel pity for them.

He loves us! Oh, how He loves us!

We can rebel against him, claim to know more than Him, worship other gods, murder, forget Him, disobey, and speak against Him.

Nevertheless, he loves us.

He will see us in our distress; He will hear our cries for help; He will remember his promises to us and relent because He loves us.

No matter how far off course you believe yourself to be; No matter how winding, dark, or narrow your current path is; No matter all the horrible things you have done; No matter how many times you have pushed him away; No matter how much you believe yourself to be unworthy of his love,

He Loves You!

Let me say that again

He Loves You!

Nevertheless…despite all you have done, all of the bad choices you have made,

He Loves You!

This should give you great Hope. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.  (Romans 8:38,39)

No one is too awful, too dirty, too ugly, or too messed up to receive His love.

Invite Him in now, as you are. Ask, Seek and Knock. (Matthew 7:7,8)

Allow His love to penetrate you and wash you in His Mercy, Grace and Love. We must invite Him. He has already invited Us into His presence, we just need to accept the invitation. The invitation is yours for the taking.

Allow yourself to Be Loved.

Accept His gift of love for you. Accept His extended hand. Take hold tightly. He will not disappoint. His promises are eternal. This I know.

With love,



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3 thoughts on “One Word:Nevertheless | It Changes Everything

  1. Loved this, Jana. Makes me think of those two words, But God. They are always followed by good news. I think ‘nevertheless’ does the same. Such encouraging words. {Hugs} to you.

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