Possessions, Chapter 3 of “7”

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Possessions, Chapter 3

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Me? I am still getting through my piles of “necessities”. My perception is changing. Things I once thought were “need” are now only “want”.

I am pulling things off shells that are merely there to fill space. Taking items off hangers that really are not that flattering and are only okay. Finding myself desiring less. All because this little book, and this very brave author, decided to be transparent about the excess in her life. I can honestly say I am feeling burdened and a bit paralyzed by it all.

We moved into our home just over two months ago. My bedroom office is still not organized. And, every time I walk in there, I get overwhelmed by the excess, and I walk right back out.

My basement contains everything we don’t need now, but may need later. My husband and I are hoarders to some degree. Our life is so transitory that we may once again be in a cold climate where those two sleds will really be great to have. No sense in throwing them out.

Fortunately, my husband is on board with this whole “mutiny against excess” thing. We are both finding satisfaction in getting rid of the stuff that burdens.

This week, I will be moving on to the Media chapter along with Bloom. However, I plan to continue purging our possessions until we come to rest no longer feeling burdened by our possessions.

newly purposed,


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