sharing his joy

Sharing the joy with my husband today as he celebrates another milestone in his military career.

What joy I find in giving him the spotlight today. He deserves it. He has worked very hard.

As a family, we have all sacrificed for the Air Force.

Life’s moments unshared.



Baby’s milestones.

Boy’s school accomplishments.

Frequent moves.

Difficult goodbyes.

But, it is okay. Our family of four is a team. We believe in the mission. We believe in the community we belong to. We support each other {the other families who also sacrifice}.

I love our service. I love my husband’s dedication and commitment. I love that my boys are learning what sacrifice means. I love that they are learning to reach out to others who are sacrificing as well.

We stand today and recognize his accomplishment. Yet, it feels like we made it here together, as one, by the grace of God.

newly purposed,



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2 thoughts on “sharing his joy

  1. Jana, the simple act of declaring that you are loving partners within your family makes it become fact. You begin to take actions as loving partners and contribute to each other and the ‘mission.’ Brava!

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