Spa Music, “The Shack”, and Herbal Tea…..Seriously?

Spa music, The Shack and Herbal Tea


Sitting at the gate waiting for my flight to board, I quickly surveyed the crowd wondering who my seat partner would be. As I often do, I began praying over the situation asking the Lord to soften my heart and grant me a spirit of gentleness with whomever was to be seated beside me. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if that person would be sick, or smell, or take up too much room.

I am being honest. I am a terribly anxious flyer, and while my prayers were genuine, they were not without selfish intent.


I am Guest Posting today at She Shares (dot) org. Please join me there for the rest of the story.

Yesterday, I featured this dynamic ministry here at jana’s three dresses.

newly purposed,



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