Sunday’s Reflection

The following is an excerpt from a book I am reading right now. It is providing rich nourishment for my soul. I wanted to share it with you.

It falls in line with my mission here at jana’s three dresses – to encourage others to choose how they will engage in life here on earth. Will we be passive reactors to life’s circumstances or active opportunists who pursue spiritual growth?

“Before we, like Jesus, can position our roaring desires behind truth, we first have to distinguish our roaring desires from truth, and that is no minor task. Most of us have been quite successfully conditioned to determine truth through the filter of our feelings: Do we feel it? Then it is true. Or so we are told.

“But, emotions are not truth’s vocal twin, and feelings are not the litmus test for reality. Our emotions and feelings are simply reactions to our environment, circumstances, and perceptions. By nature they are followers, and we place our souls in danger when we require them to take the lead. Truth, on the other hand, was born to lead. God’s truth clears the fog in our minds, provides much-needed boundaries for our emotions, and empowers our wills to choose well.” (“anonymous: Jesus’ hidden years…and yours” by Alicia Britt Chole, 2006)

{Disclaimer: I have not received anything in return for endorsing this book. I just love it and want you to also. However, I am a member of the Amazon Associates program. If you purchase this book from the link on my site, I will receive a small percentage off of the sale of the book. All funds go directly to supporting the ministry of jana’s three dresses}

newly purposed,


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