the desire for self-expression

While writing here are jana’s three dresses and finding such comfort in self-expression through my words, I began pondering the question…

Why do we seek opportunity to self-express? 

We express ourselves, individualize ourselves, even brand ourselves via

iPhone apps. T-shirts. Bumper stickers. Ring tones. Home decor. Cooking. Clothing. Hair color. Cars.

So why do we seek to express ourselves?  To stand out as different?

Because we desire to define the unique individual we are.  No two people are alike on purpose!

God is the great “brander”.

He demonstrated for us the desire to self-express through His Mighty Creation.

Read the first two books of Genesis anew today – read it out loud to yourself and marvel at His Might Works.

No wonder we desire to express ourselves too!

The trouble comes when self-expression points back to self saying “Wow, look at me!”. 

Instead of pointing to God, “Wow, isn’t He awesome!”

He created me, unique me, for a purpose greater than myself. He put me here on His earth to glorify him, to express Him in a new, fresh, and authentic way.

My story is His creation. I am deeply grateful!

newly purposed,


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