The Good Mom


I know I am not alone when I say that the days when I feel I have failed my children, outnumber the days I feel I have succeeded.

Well, today, is one of those days when I can honestly say, “I feel like a good mom. I know I am a good mom.”

And, it isn’t because the kids were perfect all day. Or that I was perfect. Or that the house was perfect.

In fact, the boys argued. The floor is still covered in sprinklings of dry grass from the weekend. The dishes stayed dirty in my sink until dinnertime. And, my outfit for today…well, let’s just say I am not winning any fashion awards.

I felt like a good mom because my day was filled with laughter, story-telling, hugs, kind words, “I love yous”, and comfortable pauses.

My day was busy. Rushing from one thing to the next. Checking off the list of to-do’s. Phone calls. Interruptions. Correction and instruction for both of the boys. Deep Breaths. Little prayers lifted up. Gentle reminders to myself that, “God’s got it, and it is going to be okay.”

I felt like a good mom because my son told me what he learned about spiders today in a new book he was reading {You know, the son who I had been so worried about?}. We had a fun conversation about the fact that male spiders die within a year, and female spiders live for forever (imagine the exaggeration that only an 8-year-old can provide).

I felt like a good mom because I let my 9 year-old make and bake chocolate chip cookies all by himself. With pride, he shared his delicious results with his dad this evening.

I felt like a good mom because I loved myself through the busyness with positive thoughts, prayers of thanksgiving, a large soda for a pick-me-up, and a great jam session in the car with TobyMac.

I felt like a good mom because in the end – even though we had take-out pizza instead of a four-course gourmet meal – my family is now happily recounting the events of their day with smiles on their faces, hope in their hearts, and glimpses of His love shining through their every pore.

Amen and Amen! Praise be to God forever and ever!


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