This Military Life | A Shout-Out to all of my Fellow Military Spouses

YOU ROCK!! That is what I would say to you if you were standing in front of me. I would look you in the eye,  put my hand on your arm or shoulder  and tell you that YOU ROCK!!

Military Spouse Appreciation 2014


You are truly one of the most amazing group of people I know. You say yes, when you really want to say no. You boldly step up and help families who are in need of love and attention. You bravely say goodbye to your warrior, then welcome them home with open arms. You guide, direct, and teach your children to love their military parent and to be proud of the sacrifices they are making for our country, even when your child is making deep sacrifices of their own.

You stand tall and proud of our country and our men and women in uniform. You bravely embark on new challenges – moves, deployments, changes in routines and schools for our kids.

You mentor other spouses when you can, and with deep courage and humility ask for help when you need it.

We, military spouses, have learned that bearing one another’s burdens is what is required at times. We lean on others when we need to. We let others lean on us when they have to. We move in response to change like the gentle sway of a wheat field in the wind. We are not fickle, or aloof, or naive. We don’t blindly bend with the winds of change. No! Just like swaying wheat, our roots are strong and deep.

We know ourselves. We know what we stand for. We know what we believe in. We understand the greater purpose for which we serve. And, we do it with grace, honor, respect, dignity, and humility.

The Military Spouse is like none other. They are changing the world as they move from place to place.

I have a friend who will be in her location for a total of two years. Yet, she is investing her time in radically transforming the way our community perceives and addresses the needs of the kids in our foster system. She is rallying churches, families, community members, and city and state government to change the course of history for these kids. She is leading with her heart, mind, and spirit with a fire and passion that makes me proud to call her a friend.

I have another who is learning to love her children, her husband and herself in new and profound ways. Three of her children were born while her husband was deployed. Their first and now their set of twins. She is shifting her thoughts, perspective and prayer life in order to embrace her life’s challenges with grace and love. Currently amidst a second deployment in the past 8 months, she is courageously reaching out when she needs support, yet at the same time stepping up to help other families when she can. She is a testament of the military spouse’s sure will and commitment to be an example of resilience not only for her family, but also for those who are watching.

I have another friend who is blogging her way through her husband’s deployment. While she is painfully missing him, she bears her soul for us all to see that we are not alone in our sadness. All the while, she is providing for others a safe online home where they can admit when they are down and allow others to hold them until they have the power to stand on their own.

Let me say it again, YOU ROCK!!

I am in deep awe, and humbly grateful to be a part of your ranks. I am proud to be a Military Spouse! It has transformed me in ways I have not yet fully grasped. My life as a military spouse has led me to seek out my Maker with perseverance, and to run this race He has given me boldly and with a determination to finish my race well.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I love you all!!


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