two lessons on excess


I have a confession to make.

I received my copy of “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker  in the mail yesterday. (Check out the book trailer here.)

On my way out the door to the boys’ Tae Kwon Do lessons, I grabbed it “just to browse” and to see what all of the fuss was about.

Well, I am only a couple of pages in when I find myself laughing out loud {I received a few looks!} with tears coming to my eyes. Her candor and humor are intoxicating.

You are going to love this book!

I can’t put it down.

I tried to read parts to my husband last night. But, found myself struggling to get the words out because it was so darn funny I was cracking up out of control. I finally just had to pass the book to him so that he could read it for himself.

He was laughing, too. Good sign.

I did read through the intro and the first chapter on Food.

Here is a teaser:

“I am going with organic produce and free-range, cage-free chickens and eggs. I realize “free-range” can be as misleading as labeling Lucky Charms “heart-healthy”, but it’s a baby step toward healthier food and more humane farming practices. I’m deviating from my giant grocery store for the first time, so let me imagine my birds roamed the countryside in chicken bliss eating grass and frolicking with their fowl pals while the farmer pet their wee  chicken heads and gave them all names. ” (pp. 12, An excerpt taken from “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker)

Okay, so now that I have that confession off of my chest

Here’s my second confession.

I went shopping today. Little did I know that this book, “7”, would follow me there.

I was in one of my favorite discount clothing/household decor stores {which shall remain nameless}, when I heard a little voice in my head say, “Excess” as I placed an item in the cart.

I listened.

Debated in my mind for a couple of seconds.

And finally, relented, and put it back.

And there it stayed.


Okay. Next aisle.

A second time I heard the little voice say, “Excess”.

Now here I was standing in front of the aisle with wonderfully cute and, of course, functional travel coffee mugs.

{I think I remembered my husband saying something about his travel mug leaking.}

And, this one says it is “no-spill”. Well, I know and trust the brand. So why not give it a try?

Oh, and I need one too!

But, I didn’t stop there.

I decided that we should each have two of the same mugs in case one breaks, or we misplace one, or more likely, I get them home and the first ones really do leak. I need two backups!

So, here I go.

I put four of the same identical coffee travel mugs in my cart.

Can you say excess?!

This time I heard the voice.

But, I ignored it.

I really thought it was a good idea to have four “good and reliable” travel coffee mugs.

I continued shopping.

Finally, I am ready to check out, when I hear the voice again, and I know it’s reminding me about the coffee mugs.

So, very astutely, I kindly told the woman at the check-out that I didn’t need all four mugs and would she please take the two from me before I changed my mind.


I cannot believe I had this conversation and debate with myself. So silly in the whole scheme of things. But, I am glad I didn’t buy four of those mugs.

My second lesson on Excess involves….YOGURT.

Yep, that’s right – yogurt.

I am embarressed to say that we have four different types {not flavors} types in our refrigerator at this moment.

All of us like something different.

Drinkable. Greek. Regular. With granola.

Now that is downright silly!

To make matters worse, one of the boys is claiming the yogurt with granola is his and no one else can have it {and, no, I didn’t make him use his allowance money to buy it}, while the other son pleads to have one.

And, yet we have three other yogurt options in the fridge!

So, daddy and I decide, “No more yogurt wars!”.

From now on, we will only have one large tub of yogurt in the fridge, and a box of granola to add-in for those who prefer this option. Problem solved!




This is getting ridiculous. Time to take back control.

“7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker is a laugh out loud, be careful not to pee your pants, funny journey with the author as she battles the reality of excess in seven areas of her life. She will inspire you to take on the challenge of getting rid of life’s excesses in order to make room for Christ.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to read and discuss this incredible book. {I am receiving no compensation for endorsing this book. It is simply an area I feel passionate about, and think Jen Hatmaker has a very fun way of approaching it. She makes me laugh!}

It is not too late to enter the drawing for a free copy here at jana’s three dresses. It will take place on Monday, Aug. 20th. I have two to give away. Click here for more details on the drawing for the book.

Let’s fight the excess in our lives together!

newly purposed,


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