What Heaven Will Be Like | Outside the City Gate


You must pause in your busy day and read this post from outsidethecitygate {dot} com.

A new online community, Outside the City Gate is collaborating with bloggers from all over the country.

This post will take your breath away.

It is raw and inspiring.

It will stay with you and have you pondering the ways of Christ.

We have been invited to a table rich with manna for our souls.

Take and eat, for you will not be disappointed.

With Love, 


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2 thoughts on “What Heaven Will Be Like | Outside the City Gate

  1. You’ve blessed us by sharing {Outside The City Gate} with your community. Your words are a balm too. Linking arms and laying down the yardsticks to BE the Body, together, this is our dream. Thank you for encouraging us on.

    • You are welcome! Love that image of “linking arms and laying down the yardstick to BE the Body, together”. This is my dream, too. God is calling me and a friend to a God-sized dream. So inspired by what you are doing, and spurred on as well to pursue this dream He has laid before me. So happy to have found {Outside The City Gate}.

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