what is in a name?

The title of my blog jana’s three dresses was birthed out of several days of listening to the still, small Voice and writing down like a mad women everything I was being gifted.  I have scrap pieces of paper all over the house for proof.

While getting my children ready for bed,

I heard God say,

“Jana, walk around your home and take photos of all of your favorite things.”  

“Okay”, I answered.

With camera in hand, that is just what I did.

How is it that something you walk by every day comes alive in a new and bold way on the other side of the camera lens?

I stopped in front of my three ceramic dresses on the wall in my foyer, a place I pass repeatedly throughout my days.   I remember the day I purchased them so clearly.  Strolling down an art walk in Bodrum, Turkey with my husband’s hand in mine, I was drawn to these three ceramic images.  I had to have them!  We wanted to negotiate a good price.  As we walked to the ATM for cash, my husband coached me on how to make a good deal.  I am not one to negotiate at all!  It makes me very uncomfortable.  However, I was determined to take these three dresses home to live with me!  With a good deep, breath and a smile on my face, I successfully negotiated the price my husband and I had agreed upon and I proudly walked away with these three tenderly wrapped ceramic dresses.  They are one of my favorite things.  Their simplicity, design, texture, color, and uniqueness draw me in and bring a smile to my face remembering that day of victory when they became mine!

Why name my blog jana’s three dresses?

Well, once I said the name out loud, I just knew it was right.  On those scraps of paper lying all over my house were many other good names – but nothing stood out as mine.  Jana’s three dresses is mine given to me by my Creator who knew me when he knit me together in my mother’s womb.

The word dresses stood out from the rest and caused me to wonder about the words clothed, clothes and clothe.  I knew these words were used repeatedly in Scripture and that there had to be something there to connect with my blog and to define God’s purpose for it.  During a quick word search, the Holy Spirit led me to Psalm 30 and the tag line you see above.

The entire Psalm, in just 12 verses, captures the transformation that has taken place in my spirit over the last ten years.

I couldn’t believe it!  I wanted to leap for joy and shout praises to Him from the rooftops!!  It felt as if the Lord gave me a gift that night, saying,

“Here, Jana, this medium for personal expression {blogging/writing} has been waiting for you.  

I saved you a space at my table for you to tell your story.”  

Thank you, Lord, Amen!

So, are you ready?  I’m just getting started.  Ten years is a long time to stay silent about what the Lord has done and continues to do in my life.

I can’t wait to share it with you.  Will you come along for the ride with me?

newly purposed,



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