When Dust Settles

Life scatters like dust. Blowing in the wind, without warning it settles, collecting, making nicks and stresses stand out against the background.

Dust whirling overhead not falling, until it does. Loose and scattered.

I don’t understand how one moment it all seems in order, and the next it doesn’t. Did I hear you correctly, Lord? Did I step in the way you have planned, or did I forge my own path? I am confused, doubting now what once felt so secure.

It is not time, yet. I keep hearing. It is not time, yet. I have moved the pieces into place as you asked. Is that the end? Is there anything left for me to do? Would you have me stop now and let go?

I ache for knowing what is to come. To trust that there is more to this life. That my efforts are not in vain. You call me to a task that is larger than I can hold. Yet, I answer because it is not me who holds it, but You. You carry it all.

Dust settles, yet light in the darknessGod makes the dust beautiful. The cracks and fissures the dust highlights are evidence of His Grace, His mercy, His healing.

newly purposed,



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