Wonder | Five-Minute Friday

I wonder what it would be like to just walk away from it all.

The Christmas music piped in over my head.

The green and red colors that someone, somewhere decided were the Christmas colors of the season.

The noise, interruptions, and flashes of light that are the mainstream way of telling us what we need this Christmas.


What if, I just walked away, or locked myself in a closet somewhere, to escape the busyness and world-created hoopla of this season?

I wonder…


What would I be missing out on? Cookies, Lights, Noise, Jingles, Rushing, Demands on my Time.


But, I can’t help but Wonder, if I did run away or lock myself away, wishing for the day to finally come when all Christmas celebration would be over, I would miss that moment.

That moment when all of the hustle and bustle finally came together in awe of The Small Wonder.


I must stay. I must commit to being present for my children, my husband. I must persevere through the noise and explosion of media and color, and try to penetrate through it with The Truth.

We will be starting a new tradition this year – The Jesse Tree Advent Calendar. 

Start your own tradition courtesy of Ann Voskamp and aholyexperience.com. {link}


I wonder how that will change my perspective, and renew my contentment and joy that I so long for this season?


 newly purposed,



I am participating in Five Minute Fridays today with Lisa-Jo Baker – tales from a Gypsy Mama. Link over to her site to read other’s five minute ramblings on the word Wonder.
Five Minute Friday

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4 thoughts on “Wonder | Five-Minute Friday

  1. I so enjoyed this Jana! I have those moments too. We are instilling new traditions this year and wow, God did something so awesome this last weekend through my kids giving up a lot of their toys. (Too long to share here, but wow!) Anyways hugs to you!

  2. Jana,
    I love all the Christmas music, lights, cookies, socials, giving gifts, volunteering to worthy causes. That’s what memories are all about, being involved and taking part everyday with God by yourside, sharing your gifts with others to make everyday a very special day. Living in the moment!

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